Applications : Riveting

Riveting is a definitive assembly of two metal parts together. This assembly cannot be dismantled without destroying the fastener (drifting). This process is particularly suitable for joining two parts of low thickness.

EMG designs and manufactures pneumatic or hydropneumatic presses to perform industrial riveting. Whatever the material of the parts to be joined, their shape, the diameter of the rivet, we put our know-how and experience at your service to meet all your needs. 

What is riveting?

Riveting of parts is done by compressing the parts to be joined together and then crushing one end of the rivet with the upper part of the tool (riveting ring).  The deformation of the rivet creates a head that holds the parts together. This type of assembly is safe and perfectly solid for all types of materials. 

This process also offers a high resistance to vibrations thanks to the total filling of its housing. This cavity is the hole made during the punching of the sheet metal to allow the rivet stem to pass through. Riveting is a technique that offers perfect contact between the surfaces of the sheets and a constant and powerful tightening of the assembled parts.

What type of press should I choose for riveting metal parts?

Just as manual presses are used to rivet flexible materials such as textiles or plastics, pneumatic and hydropneumatic presses are used in the industry for riveting metal parts. 

Indeed, the most suitable presses for this type of assembly are pneumatic and hydropneumatic presses because this operation requires a very high effort, especially at the end of the stroke when forming the rivet head. And of course, this has to be done without damaging the surface of even thin sheets and plates to be joined.  

The possibility of controlling the lowering speed on pneumatic and hydropneumatic presses provides the operator with additional comfort. The use of a compressed air cylinder on this type of press allows for high quality work, great precision and the block formed by this process is time-proof. 

As a manufacturer of riveting presses for metal parts, we bring you our know-how and experience to help you find the right riveting press for your job. Did you know that we also offer used presses that have been completely dismantled, overhauled and inspected for riveting?