Customised manufacture of a folding/cutting line for a 15 ton mechanical press

EMG 15T mechanical press equipped with a bending/cutting line for electronic connectors 

This bending/cutting line for electronic connectors, on a 15t mechanical press, is the result of a tailor-made development, adapted to our customer's constraints. After analysis of the specifications by our integrated design office, we proposed a complete turnkey solution. 

This special press is equipped with : 
- A strip unwinder (already formed connectors), with integrated protective paper reel
- A pneumatic gripper feeder, with high speed and precision
- A tool for bending and cutting the connector (supplied by the customer)
- The colours requested by the customer (green and grey)

The reception of the line was done in our workshop. The production start-up of this 15T mechanical press with bending/cutting line was carried out during several hours in order to validate the precision, the repeatability and the work rate.


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