Manual bench presses

These manual presses are robust, precise, flexible and ergonomic. They have adjustable height and stroke. They are quick and easy to operate. They are economical and require a low investment.

The EMG range of manual presses consists of three different types of presses:
• The manual rack presses whose power, from 200 to 600 kg, is linear and constant over the entire stroke according to the force exerted on the machine lever. They can be used for assembly operations, bearing and ring assembly, crimping, small bending operations, etc...
• High-capacity manual rack presses that complete the range of rack presses. The maximum power is obtained at the end of the stroke according to the force exerted on the lever. With a power from 1400 kg to 5000 kg, these models are perfectly suited for use in assembly, assembly and deep fitting and all applications requiring a large stroke and/or high clearance.
• Manual toggle presses for which the maximum power, from 500 to 2000 kg, is only obtained at the end of the stroke depending on the force exerted on the lever.

The EMG manual rack presses offer the best quality/price ratio, the 2HR and 5HR models are offered in France from 265 € ex-works ex-works on 01/01/2020.

Pneumatic bench presses

Offering the same design features and intended for the same uses, the range of pneumatic EMG presses completes the range of manual presses by perfectly meeting the user's requirements when the output is higher and/or the power to be delivered is greater.

cylinders are EMG manufactured and have proven themselves in thousands of applications worldwide.
The slide is made of chrome steel, guided on bushings and secured against rotation by a key. The piston slides smoothly in the chrome-plated cylinder. Seals ensure a perfect seal of the cylinder.
The power of our presses is indicated with a pressure at 6 bars and is proportionally adjustable as standard from 3 bars to 6 bars.
Example: the 6PHR press delivers 360 kg at 6 bar, and therefore 180 kg at 3 bar, 240 kg at 4 bar and 300 kg at 5 bar.

The EMG range of pneumatic presses can be integrated into the workstation or the production line, providing ergonomics, operator safety and process reliability.


Impactor marking presses

At a time of ISO standardization, identification and traceability of parts, EMG marking presses from 600 to 6000 kg offer a range of presses and accessories for marking, numbering, riveting and crimping combining performance, precision and safety.

This range finds its place in many workshops. The power delivered is constant and regular, and remains precise whatever the force applied to the lever.

These presses are equipped with an adjustable striking power and a device that prevents the double striking effect.

Mechanical eccentric presses

Power from 6 T to 80 T Stroke from 4 to 120 mm EMG mechanical eccentric presses are performance oriented in watchmaking, jewwellery, mechanical optics, electrical and electronic machines, automotive industry, electrical goods, toys, locksmithing.. These presses are guaranted with optimum quality and unparalleled productivity.

Hydro-pneumatic presses


Special presses

EMG, manufacturer of industrial machines, offers special equipment made to measure, perfectly adapted to the specifications and constraints of production. Equipped with a design office at your disposal, we study your needs and realize on request any modification on a standard model among our range. We can also realize special presses personalized as well as small installations and tools of press.

Used reconditioned presses

Used equipment, we are selling fully reconditioned presses in our factory; completely disassembled, inspected and checked, with refurbishment of parts that may show signs of wear or malfunction.

EMG PRESSES guarantees these used presses, most of which are traded in from our customers, they benefit from the same performance requirements as new equipment, while having the long-term reliability for which the reputation of the brand is known.