Accessories : Effort control

EMG offers all types of force and/or displacement management thanks to force and displacement sensor solutions adapted to each need, for 100% part control. This is the quality guaranteed by the monitoring of industrial processes:

  • Continuous quality control
  • Control of manufacturing processes
  • Full traceability
  • Production monitoring


Three standard solutions exist in the range.
Specific solutions can be proposed according to customer needs.

1/ Display of the force only:


The force control includes a force sensor (accuracy 0.5% of the nominal value) and a force indicator with digital display (50 measurements per second).




The operator operates the press control lever and reads the instantaneous measurement.


2/ Force display with maximum value memory and OK NOK indicator


The force control includes a sensor (accuracy 0.5% of the nominal value), a force indicator with 5-digit LCD display (20 measurements per second) and a green/red signal light + a buzzer


The operator operates the press and makes a part.

  • If the force value reaches the preset minimum threshold (S1), the green LED lights up.
  • If the force value exceeds the preset maximum threshold (S2), the red LED lights up and the buzzer sounds
  • A reset via a push button on the front panel resets the last maximum value to zero

3/ Effort and displacement management:


The force control includes a force sensor (accuracy of 2% of the nominal value), a displacement sensor (resolution of 0.1 mm), a FORCEMASTER process controller (1000 measurements per second), an OK / NOK indicator and a buzzer.



It is necessary to configure the windows through which the curve made by a typical part must pass (displacement in x, force in y with 9 maximum passage windows)
As long as the realized curve passes through the defined windows, the press operates normally and a green light validates each cycle. If during the operation the curve does not pass through one of the predefined windows, the press emits an audible signal (buzzer) and it is possible to set a block for a pneumatic press. After isolating the wrong part, the operator must reset the system by pressing a push button and can then continue production.

EMG PRESSES presents its new system for the force and displacement control
Instruction system for the complete monitoring of force and displacement on EMG presses.